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Lazy Saturday Fun

Obama’s Elf See more like this on kontraband.com One of the greatest beach music songs eveh! Click it for full size

Obambi Tells Treasury To Get Your Tax Cut Going

Oh, joy! According to al-Reuters UK, Obama is going to keep his campaign pledge of a tax cut for 95 percent of the people, which is sort of true U.S. President Barack Obama ordered the U.S. Treasury on Saturday to implement tax cuts for 95 percent of Americans, fulfilling a campaign pledge he hopes will […]


Buy carbon credits! Do some cappin’ and tradin’! Plant a tree! Give up your SUV! Walks to work! Flying private jets around the world for AGW conferences and awareness tours and buying huge luxury yachts is OK, though Global warming is proceeding far faster than scientists had predicted as greenhouse gas emissions continue to build up […]

Obama Ordered Review Finds Gitmo Folks Treated Within Geneva Convention Guidlines

Well, uh oh. This is a thorny pickle. For the majority of Bush’s two terms, the Left, the international moonbat society, the UN, namby pamby supposed conservatives, etc, have whine about the way the jihadis at Guantanamo Bay detention facility have been treated. But, not so fast! A Pentagon review of conditions at the Guantanamo […]

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