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Fewer Shark Attacks NOT Blamed On Global Warming

May 4th 2008: Surge in fatal shark attacks blamed on global warming September 15 2008: Sharks don’t much like colder northern and southern waters but global warming may yet extend the range of these inadvertent man-eaters. February 19 2009: Shark Attacks Dip To Five Year Low In 2008. Sagging Economy May Have Played A Role […]

So, What Could Porkulus(1) Buy?

The Boston Globe is there Pay every US elementary school teacher’s salary for 11 years Pay off all US student debt Romney’s Utah ski home – more than 149,000 times over More than 45 million Pontiac G5s 1,760 Celtics teams Cover money lost in Madoff’s Ponzi sheme – 16 times over Pay the salary of […]

Should Kaffiyehs Be Allowed In Pittsburg Area School?

Glad to see there is some sanity out there in our public schools Two seniors at Gateway High School in Monroeville said they’ll meet with administrators today after they were told they could no longer wear their traditional Arab head scarves because it was “disruptive” to class. Mohammad Al-Abbasi, 18, and Ahmad Al-Sadi, 17, said […]

E.P.A. Is About To Raise Your Standard Cost Of Living

Hey hey hey, good timing! Deep recession, big job losses, housing problems, the first of many massive bills that pretty much spend money that won’t help, but, despite little to no warming over the last 10+ years, let’s let the E.P.A. regulate natural gasses and make the economy worse and your lives more expensive The Environmental […]

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