So, What Could Porkulus(1) Buy?

The Boston Globe is there

  • Pay every US elementary school teacher’s salary for 11 years
  • Pay off all US student debt
  • Romney’s Utah ski home – more than 149,000 times over
  • More than 45 million Pontiac G5s
  • 1,760 Celtics teams
  • Cover money lost in Madoff’s Ponzi sheme – 16 times over
  • Pay the salary of Massachusetts’ top-paid worker for the next 1,283,713 years
  • Over 19.6 billion digital TV converter box coupons
  • More than 222 billion Big Macs
  • Brandeis University’s Rose Art Museum collection – 2,248 times over

In Southern and others:

  • 136,869,565,217 chicken tenders lunch specials (with toast) at Shane’s Rib House
  • 2,314,705,882 Walther P22’s
  • 209,866,666,667 boxes of the Winchester .22 ammo I like
  • 3,148,000 Combines at a cost of 250K each
  • 7,870,000,000 for $100 worth of fishing supplies, including worms
  • 78,7007,870 stormtrooper costumes
  • 524,666,666 laptops at a cost of $1,500 each. Enough for every resident of the US, including the illegals
  • 757,459 Casablancas
  • 17,492,776,172 Country Combo gift packs
  • 10,493,333,333 pirate costumes
  • 30,269,230 bass boats with trailer
  • 1,210,769,230 3 day packages to Disney World. If we bump up the price to include airfare and food where necessary, every single American could go and still have money for the t-shirt
  • 393 Seawolf class subs
  • 1,124 Obama campaigns
  • 5503496503 proctology exams. Works out to be about the same thing as Porkulus(1)
  • 19,675,000,000 bottles of Jack Daniel’s. That’s 65 bottles for each of us. We’re gonna need them
  • 47,725,894,481.5 Papa John’s $16.49 large pizzas with 1 topping and parmesan breadsticks delivered to the White House. Tip not included.

What else is there?

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3 Responses to “So, What Could Porkulus(1) Buy?”

  1. John Ryan says:

    could have paid for the cost of Iraq war

  2. manbearpig says:

    indulge me for a moment…

    I always hear about how the cost of the Iraq war was ‘X” billion dollars, fine, got it.

    What I never hear out of anyone is how much it would have cost had we not gone to Iraq. By that I mean there is still a cost associated with having a military. soldiers still get paid whether they are in Iraq or not. Uniforms and equipment still need to be purchased in order to support the military regardless of whether they are in Iraq, or whether they are in Bosnia (which if memory serves, were only supposed to have been deployed there for something like a year).

    Let’s say for example you have a choice of renting an apartment at college or living in the dorm. If you live in the dorm (at least when I was in school) the housing money was all paid up front for the year. By living in a dorm you don’t save $800/month on rent. The cost is still there, it is just “hidden” in the cost of college.

    How about someone figuring out what the difference is between normal operating cost of a military force and the cost of having the force in Iraq and reporting that number? I suspect that it would be much less and wouldn’t have the same shock value.

  3. Mike says:

    This is what the “Porkulus” bill is buying from state to state.

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