Daily Archives: February 27, 2009

Obama To Remove Conscience Abortion Rule?

Removing morality even more when dealing with abortion on demand Taking another step into the abortion debate, the Obama administration Friday will move to rescind a controversial rule that allows health-care workers to deny abortion counseling or other family-planning services if doing so would violate their moral beliefs, according to administration officials. The rollback of […]

Cedar Rapids Tea Party, Minus That Polluting Tea

Call tea a pollutant down South, that would be a butt woopin’ A Cedar Rapids group will do a symbolic tea dumping into the Cedar River on Saturday because state officials won’t let them use the real thing. An anti-tax group wanted to pitch in real tea like the Bostonian revolutionaries opposed to England’s tea […]

Surrender Monkey Friday: Pelosi Butts Heads With Barry

Queen Nancy is flexing a few muscles against President Neophyte Nancy Pelosi repeatedly stood to applaud Barack Obama when he addressed a joint session of Congress Tuesday night. But in the days since, the speaker of the House has been standing up for herself —distancing herself from the president on Iraq, on tax cuts and […]

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