Blackberry Upgrade 4.5

On a note separate from my usual missives, if you have a Blackberry Curve, Pearl, 8800 series, or 8700 series, you really need to upgrade to Blackberry 4.5. You thought your Crackberry was great beforehand? Wait till you see what 4.5 does.

Me, I primarily use my for email. One corporate account on a BES server and 4 personal emails (one is strictly for testing.) And to be able to see my email pretty much exactly as I would see it in outlook is fantastic. Full HTML. Better views for calendar and addresses (though, it did double up my contacts, have to hand delete them, and screwed up some calendar events. A friend of mine is going to be really pissed that I missed her birthday.)

Some other great points: added a video camera, a voice notes recorder, and a spell checker. Attachments have better views, and you can edit them. Better colors and fonts. And for those of you who use it for music, better management, playability, and you can use a stereo bluetooth headset.

Took about and hour or so for the upgrade, and that is with a BES server connection. Do it. Do it now.

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