Nancy and Barry’s Promises In The Dark

It’s been a short walk from Nancy Pelosi’s claim of the most ethical and honest Congress ever, as well as Obama’s promise to run a transparent government, to this

President Barack Obama has proclaimed his administration will be more open than the previous administration. However, his counterparts in the House and the Senate aren’t following suit.

The Washington Post has reported that negotiations between House and Senate Democrats have resulted in a stimulus bill with a price tag of “about $789.5 billion.” This agreement raised the ire of Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., and he went outside of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office to express it.

“My name’s Tom Price and I represent the Sixth District of Georgia and [am] the privileged chair of the Republican Study Committee,” Price said. “It’s now noon on Wednesday. I’m standing outside the office of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. The door is closed. We just heard news break there’s been an agreement between the House and the Senate on the non-stimulus bill.”

And we aren’t even 30 days into Obama’s presidency! He has gotten rid of his 5 day pledge for people to review legislation before he signs it, he is hiring lobbyists, he has completely dropped his “post-partisan” pledge (unless post-partisan means claiming to be non-partisan then acting partisan,) and….well, you know the hit parade. Now we are going to get a massive bill that people who crafted it do not know if it will actually work. Think Obama will review it line by line? Sure, that promise was about the federal budget, but, semantics. I think this qualifies. 

Kim Priestap

So, how much of a tax cut is he delivering to 95% of the American peoplewith that $790 billion? A whopping $13 per paycheck that later gets reduced to $8 per paycheck. Stimuluspalooza!

Hey, I thought he was going to give us all $1,000 welfare, oh, sorry, rebate, checks. No?

And The Anchoressreminds us of how Michelle Obama sneered at the $600 stimulus checks previously sent out. I’m not sure if the $13 a week will help Michelle’s kids, but, I think we can figure out what it will do to her great-grandkids.

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