Mumbai Terrorist Scared By Women

…And is claiming, per the Telegraph headline, that he was tortured with sex by a female FBI agent. Interestingly, the only mentions of the woman being an FBI agent comes in the headline and sub-headline. Rather missing from the actual story

Fahim Ansari is accused of helping to plan the attacks in which 173 people were killed in November.

His lawyer, Ejaz Naqvi, has filed legal papers with Mumbai magistrate’s court, claiming the “white woman” removed all his clothes and showed him pornographic films.

In the papers, he claims that three foreigners, including the woman, sexually abused him, causing him “severe itching and wounds” on his body, including his genitals.

Mr Ansari, a devout Muslim, claims this amounts to torture because it is against his religion, The Sun newspaper has reported.

In reality, it doesn’t matter whether an FBI agent did it or not (except in terms of journalistic integrity, because some explanation of the headline would be nice), because this is typical jihadi behavior. Get caught, claim you were tortured. Doesn’t matter how, just claim it. In this case, act like a ……. well, you know. These people probably wouldn’t know what to do with their 72 virgins even if they got them.

Following on the claims, liberals/progressives/lefties and their groups around the world will get their panties all bunched up and tell the world how bad we are, treating the poor little jihadis so meanly. You can always tell whether a man is a liberal, because you can see the outline of their panty shields.

PS: Remember when Pakistan was claiming that there were no links to Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks? Um, well

Pakistan was holding in custody the ringleader and five other suspects in the conspiracy behind a militant attack that killed 179 people in Mumbai, the top Pakistani interior ministry official said on Thursday.


“Some part of the conspiracy has taken place in Pakistan,” Rehman Malik, adviser to the prime minister on the interior, told a news conference, detailing how the gunmen had sailed from Karachi to carry out the attack on the Indian financial capital between November 26-28.

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