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Excitable Andy Goes To The Trig Conspiracy Well Again

I thought the powers that be at The Atlantic told him to cut this shit out? Are you as unsurprised as I am? Two months of begging from this blog and nada. We all know why: Two weeks ago, Palin’s campaign told several reporters traveling with the campaign that a summary of the governor’s medical […]

A Taxation Primer

Taxation has been coming up quite a bit this election season, as is, quite frankly, the norm. Now, in light of Obama’s taxation pledges to raise it on $250K and up (maybe, depends which speech we are listening to,) I wonder how that will work out, and, quite frankly, tax policy fascinates me, and has […]

Um, Isn’t That Kinda Your Job, Mr. Muslim Chef?

So, let me ask you a question: you just got a job doing, well, whatever, and it requires that you do something that is part of the job, has always been part of the job, and will always be part of the job, but, is against your religion. What do you do? Look for another […]

CNN On Obama’s Coal Statement? Eh. Months Old

This headline from CNN certainly has to be a contender for the funniest of the week: Palin knocks Obama over months-old coal comments. Coming from an arm of the liberal media who has delved into Bush’s TANG service and drunk driving incidents, decades old, as well as McCain’s cancer from years ago, whether he co-operated with […]

War On Christmas Starts Early In Jolly Old England

Our liberal friends claim there is no war on Christmas. Uh huh. Anyhow, I find it interesting that the issue brings together Christians, Jews, and Muslims against the forces of secular progressivism Oxford city council confirmed the events in the city would be renamed ‘Winter Light Festival’ to make them more inclusive, provoking outrage among […]

Times Online Smacks Dem “Timing” Experts With Obama’s Book

The Times Of London has a message for all the (typical) calls from Democrats/Liberals/Surrender Monkeys who question the timing of their story on Barack H. Obama’s (remember, using the “H” is racist) Aunti Zeituni The trail that led to “Aunt Zeituni”, the relative of Barack Obama who was traced by The Times last week, started […]

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