Daily Archives: November 4, 2008

What Happened To An Osama Tape?

The New Republic asks the question, “why no Bin Laden tape,” and comes to the conclusion that Osama would prefer McCain, but, …in the final week or so before today’s election, Obama appeared to have a pretty insurmountable lead. Even if a bin Laden tape would have narrowed the margin, it probably wouldn’t have made […]

Someone Really Needs A Girlfriend

The Vegas line that this guy is a Democrat is 79-1 “It feels great to be an American today. The best hour and a half of my life,” exclaimed Jude Elliot, an 8th-grade social studies teacher in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Don’t know about you, but, I can certainly find many, many occassions that were the best hour […]

Vote McCain/Palin!

Election Day Fun: Coast Guard, What’s Up?, And Choose

Because the day is going to be tense enough as it is, particularly if you have moonbats at your place of work who haven’t decided to take the day off. From Jolly Old England Coastguards have been banned from using flares in rescue missions after they were ruled to be a risk to health and […]

Good News! Visitors Endorse McCain

Good thing ACORN illegally registered them early, eh? OCTOBER SURPRISE: ALIEN ENDORSES MCCAIN! In a shocking reversal, the Alien has switched his endorsement from Barack Obama to John McCain. With major implications for the U.S. presidential election, political kingmaker the Alien has changed his endorsement amid furor. Both political camps are buzzing about the implications, […]

The Mac Is Back!

Everyone voted? If not, go, vote! Even though all the liberal media is already calling the election for Obama, just like they did for Kerry. And, is everyone ready for the riots, whether Obama wins or loses? Question for Conservatives: if McCain loses, what will you do?

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