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Excitable Andy Just Can’t Let Go

Any adults working at The Atlantic, or should we just consider all of you to be as bat shit crazy as Sullivan? And where in the MSM did anyone report that Trig was not her biological son? All I did was ask questions – and never received any proof of anything. In fact, there was virtually […]

“I Helped Get Obama Elected And All I Got Was An Offer To Buy The T-Shirt”

Alternate titles:  Dude, I Thought You Were Going To Give ME Money Stop Calling Me At Dinner Time! Can You At Least Wait Till Inauguration Day Passes Before Hitting Me Up For Election Money? Are You Still Campaigning? Interesting. For a Party that has complained about the economy and how bad it is for the […]

NY Times: Thank Gaia The Imperial Presidency Is Ending, So Barry Can Start An..Imperial Presidency?

In a long, long, LONG rambling story entitled “After The Imperial Presidency,” (Lord Almighty, the story is long and rambling) the Grey Lady is just tinkled pinko that His Royal Highness George Bush is soon to be out the door. Um, perhaps they should have been paying a bit more attention before writing they godawfully […]

ACLU: We’ll Determine Whether Illegal Alien Law Is OK

Good thing we have the ACLU around to determine whether or not laws supported by a majority (similar to Prop 8 in California) are OK Voters in Columbia County (Oregon) gave strong approval to a ballot measure that cracks down on employers caught hiring illegal immigrants. According to the measure, the Columbia County Board of […]

Jamie Gorelick For Attorney General??????

Hope! Change! Looking forward, not back! Changing the landscape of Washington! A new way of doing business! Obama’s asking you to Believe in his ability to bring real change to Washington. The kind of change that brings us back to the disasterous wall between law enforcement and intelligence (via Patterico) As he prepares to take […]

Hooray! Grey Lady Does Front Page Exposing Another Secret Operation

Simple wonderful. The Times has a story ripe with anonymous sources who discussed a secret operation allowing strikes against Al Qaeda in countries around the world without permission by those countries, and includes all sorts of “no comments” by people who are named. Secret Order Lets U.S. Raid Al Qaeda in Many Countries The United […]

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