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Explaining Islamic Terrorism, DUmmy To DUmmy

It has been an interesting, to put it mildly, day for terrorism. First we have the credible, but unsubstantiated, threat for attacks against the NY City subway city over the holiday long weekend, then we have the attacks in India. I will refer you to Jay’s post, rather then rewrite it all. He is on top […]

The Return Of The Gay Penguins

Just when you thought this issue was put to rest, alas, no GAY PENGUINS at a zoo in China have been stealing eggs in a bid to become surrogate dads. Keepers have been forced to segregate the couple after catching them trying to trick straight birds into parting with their offspring. The cunning pair would place […]

Waffles: America Is Back As Leader On Climate Change

Failed rented Democrat presidential contender is apparently applying for Jimmy Carter’s job as irrelevant pontificator, popping up now and then to make weird bloviations After eight years of resisting cap-and-trade proposals as offered in the Kyoto Protocol, for instance, America is back as a leader on the issue of climate change and will press ahead […]

California Court: Let Prisoners Eat Lukewarm Mush

Another interesting story found at the DU – because when one goes there, can’t stop with reading just one insane thread. From SFGate: Court says lukewarm food hot enough for prison State prison rules say inmates are entitled to two hot meals a day – but it’s up to prison officials to decide how hot […]

Barbara Bush Hospitalized

Everyone say a little prayer for the former first lady Former first lady Barbara Bush was in a Houston hospital Tuesday after complaining of a “little bit of pain.” Family spokesman Jim McGrath said Mrs. Bush went to Methodist Hospital as a precaution. She had been experiencing some pain this week but McGrath did not […]

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