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Country Where All The Tech Support Jobs Go Lost Terror Warning

I guess this is what happens when tech support jobs go to people who are being paid a few dollars an hour, at the most INTELLIGENCE warnings of an Islamic terror attack on Mumbai were “lost in the system”, it was revealed yesterday. Nine days before terrorists arrived by boat to launch a three-day assault […]

Thanks For Putting Our Lives In Danger, CNN!

James Earl Jones/Darth Vader voice over “ endangering your life news” As reported in the Wales Online A SOUTH Wales couple caught in the Mumbai terror attacks claimed last night that CNN put their lives at risk by broadcasting where they were. Lynne and Kenneth Shaw, of Penarth, warned that terrorists were listening in to […]

Explaining Islamic Terrorism, DUmmy To DUmmy

It has been an interesting, to put it mildly, day for terrorism. First we have the credible, but unsubstantiated, threat for attacks against the NY City subway city over the holiday long weekend, then we have the attacks in India. I will refer you to Jay’s post, rather then rewrite it all. He is on top […]

Let’s Ban India!

Or at least the India Times Visitors to, a major English-language Indian news site, risk infecting their computers with a deluge of malware, according to Mary Landesman, senior security researcher at ScanSafe. “It’s an entire cocktail of downloader Trojans and dropper Trojans,” Landesman said Friday, putting the number of malicious files involved at 434. […]

Shilpa Shetty Arrested Over Gere Kiss

Can’t blame this one on the Muslims, folks Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty has been arrested in India over her infamous clinch with Richard Gere, after airport officials said she was still wanted in connection with obscenity charges. The Celebrity Big Brother winner was released only after prolonged questioning after being stopped at Mumbai Airport, according […]

Indian Muslims Joining The Latter 20th Century?

Perhaps that headline is a little bit insulting, but, hey, so many Muslims seem to be stuck in the 14th century, so, this would be a good upgrade CALCUTTA — Indian Muslim leaders are uniting with female students in opposition to a "fatwa" or Islamic edict demanding that Muslim girls stay away from academic institutions […]

Banned In Red Commie China

I started writing this back on Monday the 12th of March, when I saw this post over at Ogre's, regarding sites being banned in China. According to Ogre, I was banned. But, every time I tried to check, I got "cannot open URL." So, I kinda forgot about it until I could do a proxy IP […]

Train Bombed In India-Pakistan

Terrorism at work (from MSNBC) Two homemade bombs exploded on a train headed for Pakistan, setting off a fire that swept through two cars and killed at least 66 people. A government minister said the violence was aimed at undermining the peace process between India and Pakistan. Authorities said two suitcases packed with unexploded crude […]

Banned In India 500 Error

Some people have wondered whether the ban on the websites, as put forth by the India Dept. Of Telecommunications is still in effect. I recently had an interview with a nice you woman for a newspaper article, which should be out this week, regarding this issue. Well, as far as I can determine, it is […]

Fatwa, Please

Being banned in India is OK, but, you know what would be great? Being banned in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. I hope this retreat helps! Anyhow, speaking of burning books, Dr. Shackleford at The Jawa Report catches staged book burning in Lebanon.

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