Country Where All The Tech Support Jobs Go Lost Terror Warning

I guess this is what happens when tech support jobs go to people who are being paid a few dollars an hour, at the most

INTELLIGENCE warnings of an Islamic terror attack on Mumbai were “lost in the system”, it was revealed yesterday.

Nine days before terrorists arrived by boat to launch a three-day assault on the Indian city, security services received information that it was to be targeted.

The intelligence even warned that the strike would come from the sea.

In total, 172 people, including two Australians, died in last week’s attacks. Almost 400 were injured.

Yesterday, India stated it had proof linking its nuclear rival Pakistan to the massacre and warned it would raise security to “war level”.

Authorities have acknowledged that a warning was received. Intelligence officials say it was passed to the navy, coastguard and police. But the agencies say it did not reach them. “It appears to have been lost in the system,” one official said yesterday. 

That reminds me of the way some past president and his monions crafted policy that made it so that intelligence and law enforcement agencies couldn’t talk to each other. And now those same folks will be back in government in higher positions.

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2 Responses to “Country Where All The Tech Support Jobs Go Lost Terror Warning”

  1. All Mi T says:

    hope this dont lead to the War of the worlds

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