Explaining Islamic Terrorism, DUmmy To DUmmy

It has been an interesting, to put it mildly, day for terrorism. First we have the credible, but unsubstantiated, threat for attacks against the NY City subway city over the holiday long weekend, then we have the attacks in India. I will refer you to Jay’s post, rather then rewrite it all. He is on top of it big time. I’ve been out most of the afternoon.

But, as I usually do, I checked some of the hard left sites, and found a more then very interesting post, where a few DUmmies try to explain the issue of Islamic terrorism to others. Might not be fair to call them all DUmmies, but, it isn’t always a negative term. Let’s watch as India3 and regnaD kciN explain. It’s long, but interesting

India3 Quick! Somebody equate this to Christian fundamentalists! And HURRY! nt

nc4bo A particularly irresponsible pundit was quick to say it sounded like an AQ terrorist attack. It just squirted right out of his mouth like a runny poo.

Our media should be placed under a gag order. No more “news” “reporting” for those folks.


regnaD kciN What’s so irresponsible about that? It sure sounds like an al-Qaeda attack to me. And I have zero doubt that this “Deccan Brotherhood” will turn out to have ties to al-Qaeda, if not be a complete offshoot of it.

Bornaginhooligan Because it turned out it wasn’t Al Qaeda. So everybody that jumped the gun and blamed Al Qaeda turned out to be fools.

“And I have zero doubt that this “Deccan Brotherhood” will turn out to have ties to al-Qaeda, if not be a complete offshoot of it.”

When in doubt, keep digging the hole even deeper, eh?

India3 I never said it was AQ. I did say it was muslim extremists…shocker, I know. nt

Bornaginhooligan When you exploit a terrorist attack in a bigoted promotion of the supremacy of your religion, that’s the least of what you deserve.

(Here we really go) India3 I’m not really a Christian anymore. But I am reasonable. And trying to equate the two issues… is unreasonable…at best. Look upthread. It’s DU’s typical knee-jerk response to any post on Islamic terrorism. And its aburd. Thus, I called out the abusrdity.

Bornaginhooligan It’s a typical freeper’s response… to blame Islam for any given act of terrorism.

And then pretend that Christianity is any better.

“Thus, I called out the abusrdity.”

regnaD kciNAnd it’s a typical DU response…..to, any time there’s an attack by radical Islamists, to equate it to Christian fundamentalists.

“Wow…al-Qaeda destroyed the WTC and attacked the Pentagon, killing 3,000 civilians. That’s just like some fundy Christian setting off a home-made bomb at an abortion clinic in South Bumfuck in the middle of the night when it was empty. No difference at all.” 😎

Bornaginhooligan Generally, Nick, most DUers aren’t bigots. Therefore they won’t go around blaming religions for acts of terrorism.

If some freeper wants to bring up muslims killing 3,000 Americans on 9-11, we might bring up the fact that Americans have murdered 1.2 million muslims in Iraq. But only to point out how stupid such religious bigotry is.

You’ll notice nobody brought up Christianity until somebody made disparaging marks against Islam.

India3 Uh, I guarantee this was done by muslim extremists. I mean, really? And Christian fundamentalists are not “good” by any means. Many of them can be bigoted, close minded, and adverse to human rights and the constitution.

But Islamic fundamentalists are racking up a substantial body count around the globe, with today being no exception. Not to mention Sharia law makes the Dominionists look like libertarians.

So yes. Islam has FAR worse, and more dangerous, problems than Christianity. By FAR.

Keep trying though, it’s amusing watching people struggle to equate the two.

Bornaginhooligan Oh, it turns out it was. But for all you knew when you posted in this thread it could have been Christians.

“So yes. Islam has FAR worse, and more dangerous, problems than Christianity. By FAR.”

Tell it to the 1.2 million dead muslims in Iraq. (there’s that made up number again)

India3 Once again, you struggle to see the difference between a atrocities committed by a secular…government and religious extremists killing in the name of their religion. THAT is the topic we are discussing in this thread.

For example, Saddam Hussein was a muslim yes? When he attacked Iran and committed atrocities against the Kurds, he was not doing so because of Islam. He was doing so because he was a greedy, power hungry, evil mother f*****r. That violence, carried out by a muslim, was not an example of Islamic terrorism. Do you get it yet? Is this sinking in?

Now see George Bush, Christian, invading Iraq for oil and power. Which is a…you guessed it…secular purpose!!!

How many Iraqis have we forcibly converted to Christianity? How many churches have we built? Have we instilled “Christian Law”? Shoved the 10 commandments down the throats of the Iraqi people?

That’s what I thought. It was a greed and power motivated invasion, old school. Which means it is outside the bounds of our little conversation on Religious extremists and the attacks they carry out. (well, not really gree and power, but, at least it is closer then W doing it because God told him to, which is mentioned in the thread, but I am going to skip due to relevance)

India3 Imperial British = Religious fundamentalists? Sorry, try again. What I was alluding to is DU’s never ending quest to equate a very real and dangerous problem of Islamic extremists with Christian fundamentalists here in the United States. It’s absurd. But “fundies” vote Republican, so let’s just throw all reason and logic out the window right?

And yes, yes I know. Crusades from 500 years ago, abortion clinic bombings, Matthew Sheppard, etc etc. Same thing of course.

Bornaginhooligan Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s OK whent Christians do it. Heard it all before.

India3 No, it’s not ok when Christian terrorists kill people in the name of their religion.And that’s not at all what happened in the link you posted. The two situations are not analogous by any reasonable standard. As I said before, try again.

Do you not understand the difference between imperial country with secular goals (greed and power)committing atrocities and religious extremists killing in the name of their religion?

They’re two different situations entirely. Yet you and other DU’ers desperately try to equate them in a haphazard attempt to protect your skewed world view.

valerief You mean the people who bomb abortion clinics? nt

India3 Around a dozen or so people have died in abortion clinic bombings…ever. Ever. What you wrote was EXACTLY the type of DU ridiculousness I was alluding to in my post.

Trying to compare Christian fundamentalist and Muslim extremists is absurd. And it happens every time somebody posts a story about some sort of terrorist attack. Without fail. I just beat you to the punch this time.

(Then we get in to all sorts of discussion about Timothy McVeigh-skipping it mostly)

Bornaginhooligan Tim McVeigh is to Christianity what Osama bin Laden is to Islam.

The standard boiler plate from McVeigh’s Michigan Militia involved the standard fundamentalist Christian propaganda about “restoring” Christianity to the government, and so on.

India3 Bullsh*t. Total bullsh*t. You’re just lying now.

Osama Bin Laden got his START as an international asshole because he was offended that infidels (US troops) were in the Muslim holy land of Saudi Arabia. His entire being is premised on his perverted strain of ISLAM. He is a terrorist killing in the name of his religion, just listen to one of his “greatest hits” tapes. Every other sentence is “jihad this”, “allah that” or “martyr what”.

I dare you to find me any evidence that McVeigh blew up that building with even a scintilla of religion as motivation. Go for it.

Bornaginhooligan You’re describing a secular motivation to his terrorism.

bin Laden wanted the U.S. government out of his homeland.

McVeigh wanted the same thing.

India3 He wanted “infidels”, non-muslims, out of his homeland. That was the motivation. It’s well documented.

Where’s that McVeigh link? I’m waiting.

valerief LOL! Go back to Freeperville! You’re no Dem. nt (thanks for that no reply reply, val)

regnaD kciN Who died and made you Leader of the Purge? Christians have done horrible things in the name of their religion. Jews have done horrible things in the name of their religion. Muslims have done horrible things in the name of their religion. The same can be said for Hindus, Buddhists, Shintos, etc, etc.

BUT…at this point in world history, no one except Muslims seem to have a large contingent of believers who apparently think it’s a religious duty to indiscriminately kill huge numbers of innocent civilians in order to achieve their goals.

And, if acknowledging that fact is enough to make one a “Freeper” in the eyes of the blame-Christians-for-everything brigade here at DU, then maybe it’s time for “Freeper” to become a badge of honor.

valerief Jeepers, more Freepers! Ciao. nt

Unfortunately, the opinions of Bornaginhooligan match more what the general far left/progressive opinions are. regnaD kciN and India3 are way, way, way outside the mainstream liberal thought. Which is why there is a big disconnect in the way the left and right want to fight the war on terrorism. And why, as Obama learns about the reality of the situations, you are going to get more people on the Left going wonky on him. He will learn the kind of venom that has been thrown at Dubya.

Pretty sad that a confirmed Progressive tries to explain is utterly ignored, eh?

BTW, can we stop calling them the religion of peace now?

BTBTW: last time there was a big terrorist attack, myself and a bunch of others were banned in India. One of the reasons given was because our sites were supposedly use for the jihadi’s to communicate. Not the real reason, but, they were digging because they are scared of the 13% of the India population that is Muslim.

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2 Responses to “Explaining Islamic Terrorism, DUmmy To DUmmy”

  1. Rev Spitz says:

    You seem to imply there is something wrong if a babykilling abortion mill is burned or bomb. Which do you prefer, a pile of bricks or a pile of dead babies? Innocent unborn babies deserve to be protected just as born children deserve to be protected. You would have no problem protecting born children if they were about to be murdered.
    SAY THIS PRAYER: Dear Jesus, I am a sinner and am headed to eternal hell because of my sins. I believe you died on the cross to take away my sins and to take me to heaven. Jesus, I ask you now to come into my heart and take away my sins and give me eternal life.

    • A Parent says:

      Rev (sic) Spitz uses his website to try to make heroes out of murdering terrorists like Hill, Rudolph, Kopp, and Salvi. He says that he was ordained by the International Gospel Crusade, a church that apparently only exists in his imagination, which gives an indication of his detachment from reality.

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