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10 Hottest Politician Babes In The World

Need some eye candy. Via Maxim. And guess who is #2? Sarah has much better legs then President Chicken thighs. See the whole spread over at Celebslam. While we are at it, how ’bout some Jessica Alba on the beach in a bikini? Hey, if it is good enough for Hawkins……

Can’t Wait To See What Racist Al Thinks Should Count For Him

The bubble beside Norm Coleman’s name appeared to have both an X and a squiggle in it, but the Al Franken campaign wants the state Canvassing Board to rule on whether it should count. That’s the only challenge in the special envelope in Plymouth so far, according to Sandy Engdahl, the city clerk and the […]

Those Wacky Iranians Have Fuel For One Nuclear Bomb

Hmm, kinda makes the whole “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” thing sound pretty good, eh? Iran Said to Have Nuclear Fuel for One Weapon Iran has now produced roughly enough nuclear material to make, with added purification, a single atom bomb, according to nuclear experts analyzing the latest report from global atomic inspectors. The […]

Two Would Be Terrorists Self Detonate In Balad

Allahu Ackbar! BALAD, Iraq – Two Al Qaeda in Iraq and Islamic State of Iraq members wearing suicide vests self-detonated during an Iraqi Special Operations and Coalition forces operation Nov. 16. The suspected terrorists died during an ISOF operation to disrupt AQI/ISI activities in the Diyala province. Both of  the assailants detonated their  suicide vests […]

Brrrrrr! It’s Cold Out. Where’s My Global Warming?

Let’s see: for the better part of the year since the end of August, the Raleigh area has had temperatures at or below normal, in some cases 5, 10, 15, even 20 degrees below average. The next 10 days look to be at or below the average. We actually had tiny snow showers the other day, […]

Just More Of The Same

‘Memba this? This was the commercial that Barry ran non-stop in many of the battleground states, of which mine was one. And, of course, those in the Obamanuts-O-Sphere called McCain McSame, and referred to a McCain win as Bush’s 3rd term. Sure seems like we are getting Clinton’s 3rd term now, eh? Of the 47 […]

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