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Serendipity: Jonestown, 30 Years Later

Does anyone else find it serendipitous that the San Francisco Chronicle is running a huge serious on Jonestown 30 Years Later?

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Things That Upset Muslims: Soccer Balls

They might have a slight point, but, whoever makes the soccer balls, along FIFA execs, might want to hire body guards Souvenir soccer balls for the 2010 FIFA World Cup to be hosted in South Africa next year have angered South African Muslims because they have an Arabic inscription that is considered sacred and are […]

The Ice Age Is Coming? Really? Cool!

Climahysterics will become more hysterical It has plagued scientists and politicians for decades, but scientists now say global warming is not the problem.  We are actually heading for the next Ice Age, they claim. British and Canadian experts warned the big freeze could bury the east of Britain in 6,000ft of ice. And what’s more, […]

Surrender Monkey Friday: 3 GOPer’s Say Don’t Move Right

Surrendie is highly amused this Friday. While he generally enjoys when Democrats surrender, it is almost as fun for him when those in the GOP lose their minds as well: 3 Successful Republicans Caution Against a Move to the Right Senator Collins, Senator Alexander and Representative King were among Republicans who defied the odds in […]

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