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Psychiatrists Explain Barry’s Winning On Hope/Change

um, ah, huh? PSYCHIATRISTS around the world are reporting an increase in the number of people who think their lives are a reality TV show, a condition dubbed “the Truman Show delusion”. Mental health officials in the US and Britain say some psychotic patients are describing their lives as mirroring that of the main character […]

Why Do Pilgrims Have Belt Buckles On Their Hats?

Here’s why (site NSFW, and has some dirty language)

A Few Short Shots

Like many, I usually like to avoid regular posting on holidays, but, I made the mistake of looking at the New York Times on my Blackjack II, and one thing led to another, so thoughts of these stories must be expunged through hung over (and potentialy getting a cold) thoughts! First up, Linda Chavez doesn’t […]

Happy Thanksgiving!


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