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November 22-VI Day!

It’s coming. Are you ready? More: Go here for the VI Day post for the 22nd.

Kids Share Christian Faith In School, Leftist Groups Go Ape

The ACLU will surely jump on this issue. Having a school education event, a government school mind you!!! and they put on skits about Christianity Samina and Rashid Chotani’s Ellicott City home will be relatively silent in the coming weeks, compared with the past month and a half. That’s when up to 42 children gathered […]

Seven Years Later, And The WTC Site Has A Fence

This is what you get when government is involved Visitors to the World Trade Center site will soon get a visual update on the work in progress. The agency began wrapping the fence that surrounds the 16-acre site with vinyl mesh Sunday. The fence wrapping will have renderings of some of the buildings being constructed […]

Hmmm. A Dearth Of Muslims In Police Counter-Terrorism

Go figure There is a “dearth” of high-ranking Muslim police officers (Note: this is in England) and they are “largely absent” from specialist units like counter-terrorism, a report said today. Progress in diversity in forces is also too slow and urgent changes are needed to rectify the situation, the survey says. Imagine. Few Muslims dealing with […]

Go Green On NBC. Sigh

Did anyone out there catch the halftime report on NBC during the Redskins-Dallas game? Bubblehead Meredith provided possibly one of the most irresponsible climate change reports of all time. I wish I could find the video, but, she claimed that the seas will rise 200 feet, that climate change has dried up all the water […]

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