Go Green On NBC. Sigh

Did anyone out there catch the halftime report on NBC during the Redskins-Dallas game? Bubblehead Meredith provided possibly one of the most irresponsible climate change reports of all time. I wish I could find the video, but, she claimed that the seas will rise 200 feet, that climate change has dried up all the water in Australia, and that the snows and glaciers are melting on Mt. Kilimanjaro because of climate change. Even the most irresponsible anthropogenic global warming sucker (Al Gore) wouldn’t make the claim about 200 feet of sea height change. The UN IPCC, a hysterical document in itself, only claims a few inches.

As far as the water in Australia, the temps have been flat for 10 years. And, if the glaciers are all melting, wouldn’t that mean more water? The data shows that it was much wetter during the Global Climate Optimum, and drier during the Little Ice Age. Hmmmm.

Mt. Kilamanjaro? No, not global warming. In fact, the problem is warm air flowing up the mountain because of clear cutting.

Now, I am not against “going green.” Being responsible about the environment is a good thing. But, consider that when they say “go green,” they mean “climate change.” And NBC is going and changing their icons and logos and whatnot green. They started during Sunday Night Football. Then they proceeded to show us dozens of commercials featuring low mileage vehicles. Super!

Going Greenis not “walking to work.” It’s not “no longer driving, no taxis, taking mass transit.” It is not “washing in cold water to save energy.” It’s not “driving a hybrid.” Though, I will give props to Keith Olbermann, as painful as that is, for drinking filtered tap water and reducing the number of plastic bottles. That reduces pollution and landfill size. If you want to do it to save some energy, great, but, what they mean is global warming, not saving resources.

As far as Peter King and eating organic, that may be considered green, but, it is not necessarily healthy, as it is many of those chemicals, which are environmentally safe, which guard the veggies from disease. But, at least he doesn’t go idiot with travel mode.

You want to go green? Don’t litter. Plant some plants and/or trees. Save the rainforests. Save some species. Stop including AGW as going green. Let real environmental issues stand on their own, rather then making them all about AGW.

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2 Responses to “Go Green On NBC. Sigh”

  1. There’s no water shortage in Australia. This has been the calling card of a rather whacked-out, self-proclaimed expert by the name of Dr. Tim Flannery (who somehow became ‘Autralian of the Year’ and thinks that entitles him to strange proclamations). He continues to make this outlandish claims to effect Australian policy…with nothing to back them up. Tim Blair (Herald/ Blogger down under) continuously uses Flannery as a punching bag (quite effectively).

    Amusingly, even “The Age”…a liberal rag of the vegamite brigade has an article today blowing the “water shortage” screed right out of the…well…water.

    Respectfully submitted,

  2. John Ryan says:

    When you say that the temps in Australia have been “flat” do you mean that they have not gone back towards the 100 year recorded normal ? That they are still in the record breaking high zone ?

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