Hmmm. A Dearth Of Muslims In Police Counter-Terrorism

Go figure

There is a “dearth” of high-ranking Muslim police officers (Note: this is in England) and they are “largely absent” from specialist units like counter-terrorism, a report said today.

Progress in diversity in forces is also too slow and urgent changes are needed to rectify the situation, the survey says.

Imagine. Few Muslims dealing with the problem that is mostly the problem caused by their fellow Muslims. Maybe Muslims do not want to be in counter-terrorism. Maybe Muslims haven’t been on the police forces long enough to be high ranking officers. But, I wonder who took the survey

The study carried out by the National Association of Muslim Police (Namp) and Demos found that only 27 Muslim officers worked in counter-terrorism out of a UK total of 2,374.

In other news, I understand that the National Fox Association is complaining that there are not enough foxes guarding henhouses.

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