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Washington Post Clueless On Iraq Timeline

Paging Dr. Cluebat. Paging Dr. Cluebat. Bush Reversal on Iraq Deadline Gives Obama Breathing Room By agreeing to a fixed deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, President Bush contradicted years of promises that he would never agree to anything but a “conditions-based” plan for phasing out the American military role there. But […]

The Fun Stuff One Finds Looking For Stories On Illegals

Usually, I search news sites like Google News and Yahoo News with terms like “illegal immigrant” and “illegal alien,” often with extras like murder, rape, dui, drunk, etc. I decided to try one with “undocumented worker” this morning, and found this gem at Pacifica Radio ACLU Says Undocumented and Refugee Teens Denied Reproductive Care The […]

AGW Today: Schwarzenutter, Airport Malaria, And Light Bulbs (Again)

Arnold should worry more about the rolling brownouts and blackouts that could be hitting his state if climate change legislation passes. Heck, it’s California. Should worry about power outages regardless (Business and Media Institute) Although investigators have determined the fires plaguing the areas around Santa Barbara and Montecito, Calif. were “human caused,” California Gov. Arnold […]

Poor Liberal Babies Still Whining About Racism

This is what we have to look forward to for the next 4 years from the mainstream left, starting with Crooks and Liars, the perfect name for a Progressive blog As we predicted before the election, Barack Obama’s victory has loosed a flood of hatefulness from the racist right in America. Digby yesterday had a […]

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