The Fun Stuff One Finds Looking For Stories On Illegals

Usually, I search news sites like Google News and Yahoo News with terms like “illegal immigrant” and “illegal alien,” often with extras like murder, rape, dui, drunk, etc. I decided to try one with “undocumented worker” this morning, and found this gem at Pacifica Radio

ACLU Says Undocumented and Refugee Teens Denied Reproductive Care

The American Civil Liberties Union has turned to the federal court to force the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) to comply with a Freedom of Information request. They want the ACF to turn over documents outlining U.S. policy limiting refugee and undocumented teenagers’ access to reproductive health services. ACF issued the policy on the heels of media reports that the Commonwealth Catholic Charities of Virginia fired workers for facilitating access to pregnancy termination services and contraception. Commonwealth Catholic Charities receives funding through a federal grant.

You know what they really mean, right?

PS: my initial searches yielded a suspected illegal smuggling pot that Americans won’t.

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