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Priority For Barry: Tells Us About The Visitors!

Welcome to the freak show, president elect Obama! Will there be disclosure of UFO files under the Obama administration? By Dan Bacher If there was ever a chance to disclose the truth about the massive UFO cover up by the U.S. national security state since 1947, it could come under the incoming Obama presidential administration. […]

Election Aftermath: Stock Market Tanks Further, Gun Sales Awesome!

Let’s see: we had the biggest two days drop since 1987 on Wall Street, occuring the two days after That One was elected. On the flip side, you might want to pick up some stock for companies such as Walther USA, H&K, Smith and Wesson, Glock, Baretta, Browning, and others who manufacture guns. Can’t wait to see […]

AGW Today: Let’s Do…..Nothing Substantive

Even after all these years of following the AGW issue, I still find it humorous that the Believers still do little more then try and draw attention to the issue Willamette University students and other cyclists will bike to the state Capitol today to promote the fight against global warming. The bike ride will start […]

SarahCuda Calls McCain Aids Jerks

One of the things that drove the Dubya supporters, such as myself, nuts was the ways he barely defended himself and his policies. Obviously, one doesn’t want to spend much time when the attacks are personal, giving them credence, or, as the old saying goes “never argue with an idiot. They’ll drag you down to […]

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