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Even The Washington Post Snears At Barry School Choice

Hope! Change! A New way of…..ah, forget it Continuing a tradition among Washington’s power elite, President-elect Barack Obama and his wife have decided to send their kids to Sidwell Friends School. Michelle Obama confirmed yesterday that Malia and Sasha, the incoming first daughters, will enroll at the pricey private school when the family moves into […]

Here’s Comes The AGW Legislation

Because the economy isn’t tanking as far and as fast as Democrats really want it too The US Senate will take up two sweeping global warming bills in January, in the latest sign that Barack Obama’s election could quickly reverse years of US footdragging on climate change. Democratic Senators, openly gleeful that years of fierce […]

Jim Jones Leads As Choice For National Security Advisor

Is it wrong to be amused that a guy named Jim Jones is in consideration to be Obama’s national security advisor a few days after a 30 year anniversary?

Victory In Iraq Day! (Sticky Post)

Today we declare that November 22, 2008, is Victory in Iraq Day. We Won. Period. If people want to see what it looks like, just check out the papers. Having a hard time finding many stories about the Iraq war, eh? Not on the front page, eh? All that massive bad news is missing, eh? […]

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