Just More Of The Same

‘Memba this?

This was the commercial that Barry ran non-stop in many of the battleground states, of which mine was one. And, of course, those in the Obamanuts-O-Sphere called McCain McSame, and referred to a McCain win as Bush’s 3rd term. Sure seems like we are getting Clinton’s 3rd term now, eh?

Of the 47 appointees named so far to transition or staff posts, 31 have ties to the Clinton administration, including all but one member of the 12-person Transition Advisory Board.

And we are now looking at potentially Tom Daschle for Sec. of Health and Human Services (good thing his wife Linda isn’t a registered lobbyistfor the health care industry or anything), and let’s not forget the talk of Hillary for Sec. of State, and even Billy Jeff for Ambassador to the U.N. The Wall Street Journal has a thinly veiled editorial-on-the-politics-pages defending all this, but, the Change We Deserve sure seems to be Clinton’s 3rd term, and Just More Of The Same, eh?

In a long, long, godawful long post at Alternet, Jeremy Scahilltells us that this is pretty much Slick’s 3rd term. He forgets about all the other fun. Of course, with the maybe conspiracy theories about an Obama affair, his birth certificate, and his Selective Service registration out there, maybe there will be more Clintonista type fun. And let’s not forget Tony Rezko and his singing to the prosecutors. I wonder who Barry will bomb when he gets caught doing something unseemly?

Funniest quote

“What this conversation is about is laughable if you ask people in America what they care about. They care about the economy, jobs, education, health care. They don’t care about whether somebody who fills a particular box is from a prior administration,” he said

Um, when the candidate has run on a platform based almost solely on Change and Hope, changing Washington, moving forward, well, yeah, people might care. They might start wondering why they didn’t just vote for Hillary.

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One Response to “Just More Of The Same”

  1. manbearpig says:

    Of course it is change… Daschle is changing from a high powered lobbyist to a high powered cabinet member. That is change we can believe in.

    Good luck having anyone point out the hypocrisy in Obama’s appointments so far unless you listen to Hannity, Rush, or Fox News… but that is just right wing hate isn’t it.

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