Banned In Red Commie China

I started writing this back on Monday the 12th of March, when I saw this post over at Ogre's, regarding sites being banned in China. According to Ogre, I was banned. But, every time I tried to check, I got "cannot open URL." So, I kinda forgot about it until I could do a proxy IP check, though I did do an Aside post back to Ogre.

Well, today I noticed that Basil was writing about it, in regards to having a corner widget (go over and you will see it.) That post referenced a previous post about being banned in China. I left a comment, and Basil was nice enough to recommend turning off Bad Behavior to check. And, guess what? Yup, Pirate's Cove is banned, both with and without the WWW.

You can check here, at The Great Wall Of China

Also banned is my test site, PC Test, both with and without the WWW, which is pretty wild since it is strictly a test site, only a few posts. Maybe the Chinese do not like the NJ Devils.

Gallery and The American Flag League are A-OK, but a blog I set up to show what I would like to do for the Carolina's sales channel is blocked.

So, that makes two countries (that I know about) who are blocking me. The orders for the India ban are still in effect, though many providers in India are ignoring it. Two of the most populous countries in the world. And I still cannot get banned in a Muslim country. Might have to try a proxy IP through France, though Cool

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7 Responses to “Banned In Red Commie China”

  1. beth says:

    That is so cool! I’m proud to be your blogging friend!! Beth (MVRWC) just told us about this. She’s banned too.

    I’m NOT banned – boo – freakin – who 🙁

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  3. I’m NOT Banned in China…

    I guess I’m NOT banned in China. I thought I MIGHT be, but little ol’ Blue Star Chronicles is just not important enough to be banned in China OR India. That’s really humiliating!
    If you want to find out if YOU are banned in China, jus…

  4. RadicalRon says:

    Interesting. passes but is blocked.

    Neither LGF or zombietime are banned – yet.

    Koslamistan isn’t either, damn it.

  5. RadicalRon says:

    Amazing. Koslamistan gets through but Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, CA is friggin’ blocked.

    See for yourself –

  6. We’ll work on getting ya banned, Beth!

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