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Reconstruction Conference Offers Hope For Ramadi

This is a copy of the post I left at the Victory Caucus. I think it is well worth it to excerpt from this Defend America article, something you will never see in the Big Media CAMP RAMADI, Iraq, March 9, 2007 — A cooperation, a presence and a movement by the people – these […]

Al Reuters Living In The Twilight Zone

In an obviously partisan "cut and run from Iraq NOW!" piece, Al-Reuters discusses US groups mount grassroots battle over Iraq. It has everything you need. A patriotic liberal joining the military after 9/11, you know, that thing most libs believe was an inside job, and then being wounded in Iraq. Tomas Young spends his days […]

Illegal Immigration: Hazelton v ACLU

Now, I always thought that the "A" in ACLU stood for American. And, illegal immigrants are not American, nor entitled to Constitutional protection SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) – Nearly a year after the city of Hazleton began a high-profile campaign to rid itself of illegal immigrants, opponents of the crackdown are getting their day in court. […]

Beer Monday Linkfest: The Surge is Succeeding

And a good Monday morning to all. The start of the work week. How about a beer? Video: Never Take a Man's last Beer And many in the media will need a beer after they read this commentary by Robert Kagen at the Washington Post (h/t Blogs for Bush) A front-page story in The Post last […]

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