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The Great Global Warming Swindle

You can watch the who thing over at Evil Google Videos. It's an hour 15, so, no embed, thank you. H/t to Martin at MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Appears that the global warming zealots, or someone, has fragged the video. You can see it here, instead

Kids In The Hall: Remind You Of Anything?

Seems familiar, just can’t quite figure out why ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s also a way to post one of my favorite Kids In The Halls sketches. Watch it, or I will crush your head, evil!

DU Thread Of The Day: Poor Chavez, Saved

I haven't done a DU thread in awhile. Usually, the Hufftards are more fun, being the place where all the really cool and insane seethers hang nowadays. But, I happened to be looking there for something, and ran across a thread about Chavez Caracas, March 9, 2007 (venezuelanalysis.com)— Two suspects, including a captain of the […]

Saturday Asides

Ogre has his Friday Feast up. Go pig out. Little Miss Attila has The Politics of Outing Kim at And Rightly So! has Maine's most eastern point. I love light houses.

Today’s Cut and Run News: Two Plans, Bafflement, and Kook Fringe

I reckon Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are learning that being the Majority leaders and satisfying the Kook Fringe base (which is really almost running the party) is not so easy. Senate and House Democrats yesterday announced competing legislation that for the first time would set deadlines to withdraw all combat troops from Iraq — […]

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