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Ogre finds the strangest stuff And Rightly So! ate tasty animals in honor of PETA Blue Star Beth says Happy St. Patrick's Day

Saturday Night Fun

Last Friday, had the Liberal version of the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Time for 3 and 4 3rd: No Soldier shall, in time of peace or war, be treated with the respect the soldier deserves, except for political gain or to score cheap political points. Otherwise, screw 'em. 4th: The right of the people to […]

Memory Is A Good Thing. So Is Audio And Video

[gv data=”ePb6H-j51xE”][/gv] Via GOP Bloggers

Thought On Terror Warnings

If anyone has spent any time in the Fever Swamps of Liberal World, on the internet(s), talking to liberals, listening to liberal radio, watching liberal TV, etc, one always finds out that every terror alert is manufactured, usually to bolster Bush whenever something happens. I just have to wonder: if terror alerts are fake now, […]

Capture Of KSM Slowed Al Qaeda

From WRAL Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's capture four years ago didn't shut down al-Qaida or bring the Americans to Osama bin Laden. But if his mega-confession is to be believed, his arrest was a crushing blow to bin Laden's plans for even more deadly attacks in the wake of 9/11. His expertise was never replaced and […]

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