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Was KSM Tortured? And, Who Cares?

Great op-ed by Mike Baker at the always causes Liberals to seethe Fox News. One quick excerpt, and then check out the whole thing But I digress. I would argue that what we’re seeing in the reporting of the KSM story is, stay with me now, exactly what makes this country great. The fact that […]

Duke Lacrosse: State Bar Rips Nifong

It just keeps getting worse and worse for Nifong (The Durham Herald Sun) The N.C. State Bar says Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong is engaging in "semantic hair-splitting" in an effort to fend off its charges against him and contends alleged misconduct like his is "seldom, if ever, excusable." When all is said and done, […]

Moonbats Walk Out On Class In Triangle

Seems as if some moonbats were seething so badly that they forgot they were supposed to protest over the weekend. But, hey, it was a gorgeous day here in North Carolina About 150 students from UNC-Chapel Hill stopped traffic on Franklin Street shortly after noon today to demonstrate against the Iraq war, one of many […]

More Iraqi Troops Taking Charge

What? This isn't anywhere to be found in the Drive By's? They hell you say! BASRAH — The Iraqi Army has begun moving into their new barracks at the Shatt-Al-Arab Hotel, currently home to the 1st Battalion the Staffordshire Regiment. Iraqi Army Humvees rolled into the compound and a flag raising ceremony was held to […]

Sun Linked To Climate Change? Goodness!

This one is for Silke (from the Jet Propulsion Lab, via Hot Air) Long-term climate records are a key to understanding how Earth's climate changed in the past and how it may change in the future. Direct measurements of light energy emitted by the sun, taken by satellites and other modern scientific techniques, suggest variations […]

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