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“Homophobic Trannies”

Look, I haven't mentioned the whole affair de' Coulter/Maher, as so many others have done a great job. And, quite frankly, while I have enjoyed discussing these issues on a couple sites, particularly at the Gun Toting Liberal (Coulter here and Maher here), I really did not care enought to write anything myself. I heard […]

Midday American Hottie

Have you heard about Kelly George? No? Goodness Miss Arkansas USA wears combat boots … literally. And she couldn’t be more proud of the fact. But the 24-year-old U.S. Air Force second lieutenant looks just as comfortable in a pair of heels and an elegant evening gown. (snip) George is now stationed at the Little Rock […]

Global Warming Today: The Late Permian

Around 250 years ago, the Permian Era was coming to a close. Guess what? The temperature was around 60% hotter then it was today. And life survived. So did the Earth. Imagine that. Yet, like the huge meteor striking the Gulf of Mexico that many scientists believe wiped out the dinosaurs, the global warming at the […]

Beer Monday Linkfest: So Much For Lobbying Reform

And a good Monday Morning to all. How about a beer? Video: Romantic Night You'll need a beer after you read this by Stephen Spruiell, and so will Nance Pelosi House Democrats offered a variety of bribes to their colleagues this week in an attempt to dispel opposition to their slow-bleed strategy of attaching troop limitations […]

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