Daily Archives: March 27, 2007

Lawsuit Against Rummy Dismissed. Take That!

Good to read that there are some judges in this country who aren't complete moonbats WASHINGTON (AP) – Former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld cannot be tried on allegations of torture in overseas military prisons, a federal judge said Tuesday. U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan threw out a lawsuit brought on behalf of nine […]

Dems Now Try Double Secret Cut and Run

Has anybody kept track of just how many cut and run plans the Democrats have come up with so far? I'm thinking it is about 22 or so (from the Washington Post) In one of the more unusual proposals to emerge in the Senate debate on Iraq withdrawal, Sen. Mark Pryor wants to keep any […]

Aussie G’itmo Vacationer Pleads Guilty

I mentioned on Monday that accused G'itmo guest David Hicks was going on trial. Guess what? He pleaded guilty Australian David Hicks, the first prisoner to face a new U.S. war crimes tribunal, unexpectedly pleaded guilty on Monday to a charge of helping al Qaeda fight American troops during the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan. Hicks […]

Tuesday Linkfest: Women In Iraq!

It's Tuesday, another fine day in America, and, another day that women in Iraq are making great strides. From Defend America CAMP TAJI, Iraq, March 26, 2007 — The 615th “Cold Steel” Aviation Support Battalion hosted a Women’s History Month celebration here March 19. U.S. Army Lt. Col. Holly Cook, 1st Cavalry Division staff judge […]

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