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New Water Plant In Iraq

Somehow, I missed this article in the Big Media. I wonder why? CAMP ADDER, Iraq, March 6, 2007  — Children, community leaders and Coalition Forces attended the opening of a reverse osmosis water-treatment plant in Al Kuaam, Iraq, a small rural farming village of 2,000 people on the south bank of the Euphrates River, Feb. […]


Uh oh, first it was Hedgehog sex, now this. This is why we love Stacy.


Beth at MVRWC: Democrats Shriek "No Pardon For Libby." Of course, any day a lib isn't shrieking would be unusual.


Stop The ACLU highlights a woman suing because her baby was born. Only in Liberal World.

Muslim Website Targets Motorist For Death

So much for that "religion of peace" the liberal media keeps telling us about. Rusty at The Jawa Report lays it out Two U.S. based Islamic websties have called on Muslims to kill the driver of a Georgia registered vehicle displaying an offensive bumper sticker. On February 28 the "Black Lion" blog, a website run […]

Global Warming Today: The 17,000

Don't you just love that meme, that "everyone believes in global warning (as caused by Mankind)," which of course refers to the fact feeling that every scientist backs man and CO2 causing it? But, is that really true? No (via The Anchoress) This is the website that completely knocks the wind out of the enviro's […]

Pardon The Border Agents: Today’s News

To start off, Firesociety has an exclusive interview with Tom Tancredo, in which he discusses border security, the president, and the two jailed border agents. A must listen. And, if you are a Tancredo fan, check out Team Tancredo 2008. If you want to secure our borders, stop amnesty for illegals, keep taxes low, and […]

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