New Water Plant In Iraq

Somehow, I missed this article in the Big Media. I wonder why?

CAMP ADDER, Iraq, March 6, 2007  — Children, community leaders and Coalition Forces attended the opening of a reverse osmosis water-treatment plant in Al Kuaam, Iraq, a small rural farming village of 2,000 people on the south bank of the Euphrates River, Feb. 18.

"We all know how important clean water is to public health, agriculture, and economic development," said Lt. Col. Larry Herke, chief of staff for the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division.

"The water treatment plant is a great example of the Iraqi Government making progress to restore basic services to the people of Iraq," said Herke.

The water purified by the plant is available to passersby through free faucets on site and distributed throughout the village by water trucks for a fee.

To put this in context, consider conditions before the plant opened: water was delivered from a neighboring city at the price near $3 U.S. for 45 gallons. The average unskilled laborer in Al Kuaam earns about $30 a month. Most families have at least eight members.

I guess our military and the rest of the coalition forces, along with the Iraqi people, are doing more then just torturing people, putting panties on their heads, and terrorizing women and children in the dead of night, as the Democrats and the Big Media keep telling us.

Meanwhile, Outside the Beltway shows the surge is working, particularly in Sadr City.

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