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Aside: Huff Post On USS Cole Bomber

Not really worth an excerpt of the comments, but check out what the HuffTards think of the guy who masterminded the killing of Americans on the USS Cole.

Another Victim Of Al Gore’s Internet

Woops! SYDNEY (Reuters) – A photograph of a young Australian policewoman's breasts, sent to her boyfriend as a get well message on her mobile phone, has sparked an investigation after it was circulated on internal police e-mail. The Victoria state police constable was in her police uniform with her name badge visible, her shirt undone […]

DU Thread of The Day: Rich Still Bad

Previously, they wanted to kill the obscenely rich. They do not want to kill them today, but, they are bad Who is to Blame for the Mortgage Carnage and Coming Financial Disaster? (Roubini) Wow, Roubini's on a roll! For those who don't know him, he has been (pessimistically or accurately, depending on one's POV) predicting […]

Does This Seem Unsavory?

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that there is a problem with this? Just what did George Bush, Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzales and the rest of the Bush White House and Republican senior staff know about the Justice Department firings — and when did they know it? Please send a note to […]

Aside: Jules Crittenden: Insurgents Resilient!

Excellent post over at Jules Crittenden's spot, catching the AP being their normal terrorist supporting selves

Beer Monday Linkfest: Wacky Anti-Global Warming Ideas

Happy Monday! Today's global warming as caused by Man story was certainly inspired by beer. Or some sort of mind altering substance. [gv data=”et3j5KX1gdQ”][/gv] Heck, global warming as caused by Man tends to be pushed by people who are on mind altering substances. Or too many cookies, as witnessed by Al Gore's ever expanding waistline. […]

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