Another Victim Of Al Gore’s Internet


SYDNEY (Reuters) – A photograph of a young Australian policewoman's breasts, sent to her boyfriend as a get well message on her mobile phone, has sparked an investigation after it was circulated on internal police e-mail.

The Victoria state police constable was in her police uniform with her name badge visible, her shirt undone and her breasts exposed when she was photographed, Australian Associated Press (AAP) reported Monday.

The image was circulated widely through the force's internal e-mail, landing in the inboxes of top-ranking officers and ethical standards department detectives.

And, you guessed, she is in deep doo doo, as is certainly her soon-to-be-ex boyfriend, if he works for the police. See the kind of mess Al Gore created? Blush

She gets this weeks Booby Award

Perverts! It's a Blue Footed Booby

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  1. What? No picture?

  2. Nope. Searched, but, couldn’t find one. Sigh 😉

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