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DUmmy Thread of The Day: The 5th Is Only for the Guilty and Other “Thoughts”

By now, most people have heard about Monica Goodling An aide to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will invoke her constitutional right to refuse to testify before a Senate panel investigating the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, her lawyer told the committee. Monica Goodling, who helped coordinate the dismissals as the attorney general's White House liaison, […]

Aussie Facing G’itmo Trial

Sure to drive the terrorist supporting Left nuts Australian David Hicks on Monday is to be formally charged with supporting terrorism, the first to be subjected to the controversial US military tribunals against "enemy combatants." More than five years since he was captured in Afghanistan, Hicks, 31, will appear at a hearing at Guantanamo Bay […]

Women To Be Stoned To Death in Sudan

Ran across this article from back on March 21, reckon it needs highlighting TWO Sudanese women were sentenced to death by stoning for adultery after a trial in which they had no lawyer and which used Arabic, not their first language, the rights group Amnesty International said. Sadia Idriss Fadul was sentenced on February 13 […]

Beer Monday Linkfest: Hagel Still Crazy

Happy Monday! A new work week, a time to get something done after the weekend. How about a beer? [gv data=”I2ahUiGihUQ”][/gv] Apparently, Chucky Hagel has been imbiding a wee bit too much in alchoholic beverages as of late, or something else which should get him drug tested. He has already made himself the focus of […]

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