Aussie Facing G’itmo Trial

Sure to drive the terrorist supporting Left nuts

Australian David Hicks on Monday is to be formally charged with supporting terrorism, the first to be subjected to the controversial US military tribunals against "enemy combatants."

More than five years since he was captured in Afghanistan, Hicks, 31, will appear at a hearing at Guantanamo Bay under tight security and amid persistent criticism of Washington's treatment of terror suspects held at this remote US naval base.

Hicks is the first "war on terror" detainee at the US-run prison to be tried under a new law that revived the tribunals after the US Supreme Court threw out the previous system created by an order from President George W. Bush.

You mean the law that goes farther then the Geneva Conventions requires? Goodness. Of course, you know there is no pleasing the left.

Let's give Mr. Hicks the benefit of the doubt. Just because he was caught in Afghanistan conducting "surveillance on the abandoned US embassy in Kabul and met Osama bin Laden as well as accused "shoe bomber" Richard Reid" doesn't mean he is a terrorist. Just that he has a poor choice fo associates and friends, and a damn bad sense of timing for where he was in the world. I guess that kinda does make him guilty.

Hicks has alleged he was beaten during interrogations in Afghanistan and on US naval ships before he was taken to Guantanamo in 2002.

Right out of the Al Qaeda playbook.

"Federal court, not fundamentally flawed military commissions, is where Hicks belongs," said Jennifer Daskal of Human Rights Watch.

The group said that the use of coercive methods, "creates the possiblity that detainees who wanted to make the abuse stop may have made false confessions and false accusations."

Ummmmm, no. He is not a U.S. citizen, and he should have reconsidered his choice of associates and landscape. Where was HRW while Al Qaeda was killing Americans' on 9/11?

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