Pardon The Border Agents: Today’s News

To start off, Firesociety has an exclusive interview with Tom Tancredo, in which he discusses border security, the president, and the two jailed border agents. A must listen.

And, if you are a Tancredo fan, check out Team Tancredo 2008. If you want to secure our borders, stop amnesty for illegals, keep taxes low, and continuing the fight against Islamic terrorists, among others, consider backing Tancredo. His platform is one heck of a lot more Conservative then the other contenders. No one gave him much play at CPAC, but, the first link will lead to video of his speech.

Meanwhile, President Bush is still hemming and hawing on the subject of a pardon for the two agents (Houston Chronicle)

For weeks, defenders of the two former Border Patrol agents imprisoned for shooting a Mexican drug trafficker have bombarded the White House with calls, e-mails and petitions.

Their demand is straightforward: A presidential pardon for a pair of Texans they view as heroes persecuted for doing their jobs.

"This is a terrible injustice, and I urge you to use your considerable authority and power to pardon these two agents and right this obvious wrong!" reads a petition from, a conservative Web site that claims more than 337,000 people have signed the online form.

But the issue is far from simple for President Bush, who is being asked to wade into a highly controversial case where even the most basic facts are in dispute. The quandary for the president: Whether to side with former Border Patrol agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos or with the prosecutors who contend they were rogue officers who wounded a fleeing, unarmed man and then concealed evidence.

Bush's quandry is whether he wants to stand up and do the right thing, or back the agenda of Mexico and the illegal aliens. He seems to care more about the rights of illegals, and getting them citizenship, then taking care of those who have protected our border.

Bush is taking his sweet time even looking at the case, wanting to wait for the whole process to work. Shame on him. He is following all sorts of advice, rather then looking at the Constitution

Rep. Ted Poe, a Republican from Humble who has championed the ex-agents' cause, has no use for what he views as needless red tape.

"The bureaucracy is getting in the way," Poe said. "The Constitution gives the president absolute power of pardon and parole, and the president can exercise it whenever he wishes."

And people wonder why Conservatives are giving Bush low ratings. It isn't because of the Iraq War, but his horrible illegal immigrant stances, which put the rights of illegal drug smugglers over the protection of those who guard our borders.

Meanwhile, back to Firesociety, Monica Ramos, wife of jailed agent Ignacio Ramos, has a heartfelt blog entry. He seems to be doing a bit better after getting beat up pretty badly while in jail.

How about paying attention to those who voted for you, President Bush? And, yes, I did put this in the "Idiot GOPer's" category.

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