More Iraqi Troops Taking Charge

What? This isn't anywhere to be found in the Drive By's? They hell you say!

BASRAH — The Iraqi Army has begun moving into their new barracks at the Shatt-Al-Arab Hotel, currently home to the 1st Battalion the Staffordshire Regiment.

Iraqi Army Humvees rolled into the compound and a flag raising ceremony was held to mark their arrival.

The troops are from the Iraqi Army's 10 Division and the move marks the first steps towards security and coalition transition in Basra City to the Iraqis.

The troops from the 1st Battalion the Staffordshire Regiment will continue their military assistance role, training and mentoring the Iraqi Security Forces, allowing them to grow in capability and confidence.

Re-posturing of Multi-National Forces enables the Iraqi Security Forces to take on more responsibility for Iraq, and they are increasingly leading the way in providing routine security and safety for the people of Basra City.

A number of successful operations in the province were recently conducted by the Iraqi Security Forces, including Operation Cardiff and Operation Troy.

"This is another important step for the Iraqi Army as they develop their capabilities and gradually take more responsibility for their own security. It is pleasing that the move went so smoothly and offers encouraging signs for the future as everybody continues down the road towards Iraqi self reliance,” said British military spokesman, Captain Ollie Pile. "It is in everybody's interests – the coalition, the Iraqi Security Forces and, above all, the Iraqi people themselves – that we continue to make progress."

But, hey, let's pull out immediately, as the left wants. That should really help the Iraqi's when they are oh so close to being fully independent.

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