Moonbats Walk Out On Class In Triangle

Seems as if some moonbats were seething so badly that they forgot they were supposed to protest over the weekend. But, hey, it was a gorgeous day here in North Carolina

About 150 students from UNC-Chapel Hill stopped traffic on Franklin Street shortly after noon today to demonstrate against the Iraq war, one of many campus protests nationwide to mark the fourth anniversary of the start of the war.

Students walked out of class about noon, met at the Pit, a campus gathering spot, and then marched to the intersection of Franklin and Columbia streets, where they blocked traffic in all directions. The students then marched down Franklin Street.

As part of the protest, students beat drums, swirled flags and danced in the middle of the street.

Most of said students probably had no clue what was going on, but, hey, it was a nice day to dance in the street.

In Raleigh, about 100 students from N.C. State University and several Wake high schools marched in a more tame demonstration up the sidewalk of Hillsborough Street and through the campus.

Again, most certainly had no clue, but, this is how moonbats get exercise, especially on such a nice day. Me, I would cut class to go surfing, boating, some fishing, to meet up and fool around with a girl, you know, fun things. Moonbats cut class to go seethe.

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