Thought On Terror Warnings

If anyone has spent any time in the Fever Swamps of Liberal World, on the internet(s), talking to liberals, listening to liberal radio, watching liberal TV, etc, one always finds out that every terror alert is manufactured, usually to bolster Bush whenever something happens.

I just have to wonder: if terror alerts are fake now, how were we to know that they were real prior to 9/11 about 9/11?

Remember, we had that great specific intelligence, that Bin Laden was deterimined to strike the U.S. at some point, some time, some how, maybe using his dupes to hijack planes to release people like the Blind Shiek.

Case in point: DUmmies going wonky over the FBI warnings about extremist groups seeking jobs as bus drivers

  • SOP to counter bad news This is what this administration always does when they want to distract the population from the evil games that they play!!!!
  • Well, let's see – FBI is part of the Justice Department . . . That means that Gonzalez is their boss, and we all know who HE works for, and things on Capitol Hill didn't exactly go swimmingly today, so here we are.
  • FBI:Terrorists working as fuller brush salesmen and milk-men… ..but you shouldn't be afraid to open your door.
  • Candygram! Oh no ! A landshark!
  • I believe that may be true…. KKK members are school bus drivers for sure (Robert Byrd moonlights?)
  • Ooga booga ooga booga! Be afraid! Be very afraid! Terraterraterra!
  • You have nothing to fear, because terrorists are much safer drivers…than the tweeked-out meth-head fundies who normally drive our school busses. (worked in a bit of the ole' hating the Christian religion. Impressive!)
  • that's really, really low-Bush and his gang sinking to threatening children n/t (see, it's not Muslim terrorists, but Bush that is at fault)
  • This is all about fear-mongering the populace into submission … It's sick how often The FEDs attempt to scare the American People. (good thing Clinton never did that with IRS audits and Echelon)
  • I don't believe this story…. but…. I've often wondered why terrorists don't target elementary schools here. If you want to bring the US to its knees, just blow up a few schools and watch the anthill swarm. (the next comment is a response)
  • Probably because the "terrorists" have scruples unlike the ubbermenchen in the White House who don't seem to lose any sleep over killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children. (terrorists=good, Bush and Americans=bad)
  • School Bus Drivers: Extremists in FBI n fact, the whole damn FBI is a bunch of fucked up yahoos. Yeah, from top to bottom they're fascist incompetents!!! (but libs love law enforcement, right?)
  • Be on the lookout for terrorists posing as FBI, presidential administration members, etc n/t

What, no specific "I question the timing" comments? Some got close, but no pink cigar "clove" cigarette.

These are the people who are driving today's Democratic Party. Will they believe terror alerts if a Democrat wins the White House in 2008?

There is a lot of similarity between this type of alert and what we saw pre-9/11. Both are vague, mentioning something may happen at sometime somewhere. What do we do about it, Lefties?

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3 Responses to “Thought On Terror Warnings”

  1. MunDane says:

    Come on, the “Candygram!” comment was funny!

  2. 123beta says:

    March Madness OTA Weekend…

    One and out for the Dookies… hehe… Please feel free to leave a post and I’ll be sure to send a ping back to you……

  3. Dan Kauffman says:

    Probably because the “terrorists” have scruples

    Yeah tell that to the parents of the Beslan children, or the parents of the several dozen children blown to bloody shreds by a terrorist bomber because Marines were handing out candy.

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