Senator Gone Pushes Socialized Health Care

I must say, I am embarassed to be from the same state as John Edwards, aka Breck Girl and the Silk Pony

BURLINGTON (AP) — Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards pitched a universal health care plan to residents in southeast Iowa.

Edwards, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, said his health care plan was formed by his wife's breast cancer diagnosis in 2004.

"I've been able to see the health care system up close with all its warts," he said.

He said the nation needs to move aggressively to fix the health care system.

"We don't need baby steps anymore," Edwards said. "We need big change, bold change, transformative change."

Edwards' plan would cost between $90 billion and $120 billion a year and guarantee coverage for all Americans through a combination of public and private insurance plans.

And he continues on in that vein, with all sorts of plans to yank the money from your pocket to pay for sky high medical care.

Kinda interesting that he is one of the people who has made it expensive, what with his bogus lawsuits, in which he recieved 30-40% of the monetary rewards, based on junk science. Edwards is credited with extreme damage to the North Carolina baby doctor business with said lawsuits regarding Cerebral Palsy and cesarean sections, later found to have no scientic or medical links. Thanks to Edwards though, the malpractice insurance for baby doctors in NC, and even around the country, sky rocketted, as did hospital costs, which were in turn passed on to the consumers.

Pharmacutical costs have sky rocketted, due to loony lawsuits, like against Dow Corning, and the enormous costs and time needed to bring medicine to the market, due to the lawsuits and government regulations. That is why there are very few drug manufacturers these days. And high costs.

Illegal aliens are a drain on our health care system. Period.

While I will certainly agree that we need to take care of our fellow citizens, nor all of whom are dead beats, through reasonably priced health care, the socialized plans just do not pass muster. I know plenty of people who pay high costs. My parents, for example. They are self employed, and the costs are huge. There are people who are on welfare because of injury, not laziness. And sure, they all will get some degree of care, but, if we could fix the problems with the system, such as paying for illegals, out of control lawsuits and government regulation, and, well, that will about do it, costs would become affordable for all.

I work for a very large corporation, and my costs are minimal. I would like to see every American have a chance. But, as long as there are people like Edwards who can game the system, won't happen, except through the standard liberal monetary allocation redistribution system.

And the last thing I need to hear is a guy who made his money off the backs of hard working North Carolinians by messing up the medical system preaching. Some in the right-o-sphere have said they do not mind the Silk Pony spending his money on his mansion. I disagree. Though he made it legally, he did not make it honestly. To put none to fine a pont on it, he made it by screwing people.

As a sidebar, notice how Edwards and the other Democratic contenders talk quite a bit about taking money from some people and giving it to others, and fail to talk about protecting America from all foes, foreign and domestic, the primary position of the President?

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