Election Day Fun: Coast Guard, What’s Up?, And Choose

Because the day is going to be tense enough as it is, particularly if you have moonbats at your place of work who haven’t decided to take the day off. From Jolly Old England

Coastguards have been banned from using flares in rescue missions after they were ruled to be a risk to health and safety.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency says the devices, which are used to illuminate large areas of land and sea during night-time searches, could cause ‘considerable injury’.

Rescue teams have been told to use ‘safer’ alternatives such as torches and night-vision goggles during land-based cliff and beach rescues.

One crewman said: ‘This is the most stupid, ignorant thing I’ve heard of. Flares light up the entire sky and aid rescue missions – something that obviously can’t be done with a hand-held torch.

Wait, hasn’t anyone told the agency that they are supposed to use Climate Change as a reason to ban the flares?

The Court of Appeals heard arguments Monday on whether the seemingly benign, generally rhetorical question “What’s up?” becomes unlawful interrogation when said by a police officer to a handcuffed suspect just outside a house where illegal narcotics were found.

That falls in to the category of WTF? humor, because they are serious. How soon till ye olde ACLU weigh in?


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