Times Online Smacks Dem “Timing” Experts With Obama’s Book

The Times Of London has a message for all the (typical) calls from Democrats/Liberals/Surrender Monkeys who question the timing of their story on Barack H. Obama’s (remember, using the “H” is racist) Aunti Zeituni

The trail that led to “Aunt Zeituni”, the relative of Barack Obama who was traced by The Times last week, started with Mr Obama’s memoir, one of the most widely read political autobiographies of all time. (Original story here)

The Democrat campaign has implied that the story might have come from Republican sources – “the American people are … pretty suspicious of things that are dumped in the marketplace 72 hours before a campaign,” said Mr Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod yesterday.

In fact, the story came from a book that has been read by millions, including just about everyone connected to the Obama campaign.

A book that put Obama in a high tax bracket. Anyone think that bracket will be excluded from a tax rate increase and/or lots of breaks?

Anyhow, the Times of London did some research, something that most of the MSM here in the USA have failed to do, and found the whole deal on Aunti Zeinuni. Kudos for the journalistic integrity and doggedness. They even went so far as to visit the place where she lives.

It was not until Wednesday evening that The Times obtained a formal identification of Ms Onyango by George Hussein, Mr Obama’s half-brother who had known her throughout his childhood.

Whatever the Democrat campaign may imply, there is nothing suspicious about the story or its timing. The only mystery, perhaps, is how so many people read Mr Obama’s book in the US without wondering what might have happened to the mysterious relative, lost in America.

The MSM here doesn’t want to know how Mr. “I am my brothers keeper” has an Aunt that is an illegal immigrant living in a shoe and a brother who lives on virtually nothing. If Obama doesn’t care much about them, how will he govern?

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2 Responses to “Times Online Smacks Dem “Timing” Experts With Obama’s Book”

  1. Curly says:

    An Obama win is starting to look more rather than less likely. I’d like to know what an Obama Presidency would mean for Britons.

    • I hope you are correct, Curly. More then likely, for Briton, it would mean someone who would work with the global warming is caused by Man hysterics and someone who would sympathize and push the “we just need to understand the extremist Muslims and work to find out what we did to make them mad at us” with some in the British government.

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