Know What Would Be Fun? Blowing Up Palin In Effigy

Palin Derangement Syndrome strikes England

Townsfolk in England have delivered their explosive verdict on Sarah Palin, stuffing a giant effigy of the U.S. Republican vice presidential nominee with fireworks and blowing her up to raucous cheers.

The unusual display was the climax of an annual bonfire celebration Saturday in the southern town of Battle, where political figures are a favorite target of a local tradition that sees a different icon destroyed each year.

This year’s creation was a rather unflattering depiction of the self-declared “hockey mom,” a machine gun brandished in her muscular arms, bright red lipstick surrounding a grimacing smile and a moose at her side.

Imagine if that had been Barack H. Obama (yes, including the H is racist, in Liberal World). Imagine the outrage, the calls of racism, hatred, intolerance, etc. Liberals/progressives/surrender monkeys would be calling for a criminal hate crime investigation.

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2 Responses to “Know What Would Be Fun? Blowing Up Palin In Effigy”

  1. Duncan says:

    This is why I hate.. well.. hate crimes. It creates a group of protected citizens, who are protected from even the 1st Amendment. For instance, hanging “Sarah Palin” in effigy is not a hate crime, but hanging “Barack Obama” in effigy is a hate crime, because he is half-black whereas Sarah Palin is all-white. I don’t think that there is any attempt to hang Barack Obama, or make him feel threatened because of any effigy-abuse, anymore than there is for Sarah Palin. After all, I could probably argue that the man who hung Sarah Palin “hates” her, therefore it is a hate crime, perhaps? Its baby steps towards stifling free speech in the name of political correctness, because who gets to decide who are the protected classes?

  2. I could agree more.

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