CNN On Obama’s Coal Statement? Eh. Months Old

This headline from CNN certainly has to be a contender for the funniest of the week: Palin knocks Obama over months-old coal comments. Coming from an arm of the liberal media who has delved into Bush’s TANG service and drunk driving incidents, decades old, as well as McCain’s cancer from years ago, whether he co-operated with the North Vietnamese (decades ago), wondered if he had an affair years ago, followed up with the unverified smear that he called his wife a c…, well, you know, a long time ago, etc and so on, this has to be one of the dumbest headlines in a while

Campaigning in coal country just two days before the presidential election, Sarah Palin is highlighting an interview Barack Obama gave to the San Francisco Chronicle in January in which the Democrat suggested coal plants would be bankrupted by his cap-and-trade proposal.

Audio of Obama’s comments began bubbling up on major conservative blogs over the last 24 hours, and Palin wondered why voters were only now hearing about the remarks. The insinuation that the Chronicle had been hiding the coal comments from the public brought about shouts of “Liberal media!” from the crowd.

See? It was way back in January 2008! It’s like it was a different decade!

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One Response to “CNN On Obama’s Coal Statement? Eh. Months Old”

  1. mikeOH says:

    This news may have come out too late if 30% of the entire 2008 turnout really voted early. In hindsight, Obama is pretty slick to grab as many votes as possible before more surprises could come to light. What a bastard. Talk about buyer’s remorse.

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