Um, Isn’t That Kinda Your Job, Mr. Muslim Chef?

So, let me ask you a question: you just got a job doing, well, whatever, and it requires that you do something that is part of the job, has always been part of the job, and will always be part of the job, but, is against your religion. What do you do? Look for another job? Just do the job? Or make the whole job change? Muslim police chef claims religious discrimination over sausage and bacon breakfasts

Hasanali Khoja is accusing the force of religious discrimination after it refused to guarantee in his contract that he would be excused from handling pork products.

Mr Khoja is being supported by the National Black Police Association, which has urged potential recruits not to join the Met, because of “racism” within the force.

He claims that while working as catering manager at Hendon Police College, in north London, he was asked to move to another team where he would be expected to cook what officers nick-name the “999 breakfast” – a large fry-up including sausage, bacon and black pudding.

“I felt very unhappy about it. I was very upset and angry,” said Mr Khoja, who joined the Met in 2005.

Ah. Racism. The word that is thrown around with abandon, eh? It is religious bigotry, in fact, not racism. I really wish those who love the word would learn its meaning already.

Anyhow, you would think that a chef in England, where they love their sausage for breakfast, would understand that could happen.

After refusing to work without a guarantee that he would not have to handle pork Mr Khoja, 60, from Edgware, north London, said he was placed on unpaid special leave for a year.

Well, if that is the case, that was wrong. But, imagine if it was a Jew who was involved. Would anyone care? 

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2 Responses to “Um, Isn’t That Kinda Your Job, Mr. Muslim Chef?”

  1. Carl says:

    Don’t mean to be picky but you misspelled Muslim in your title as “Mulsim”

  2. Woops. Typing too fast. Fixed.

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