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Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

How about a double-shot on this pre-Halloween Sunday?   And a happy Sunday to all you “neocons” out there. Considering the scaryness of Pelosi as Speaker, perhaps Halloween should be moved forward a week.

Vive La Difference! GOP vs Defeatocrat

From, hat tip to the ever lovely Beth. So, who ya going to vote for?

It’s Politics

Bumped to Saturday  Far be it for a much smaller blogger like me to disagree with Michelle Malkin, but, in regards to her post on Politics and Pulp Fiction, I must disagree. The post is about George Allen's campaign releasing information about a sexual charged book written by Allen's opponent, James Webb. You can see […]

Never To Early For Surrender Candidates

Huzzah! We have the first official Democratic Surrender candidate! News Advisory: WHO: Former United States Senator and Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel WHAT: Major Foreign Policy Address: "Stepping Back From Imperialism: Redirecting American Foreign Policy" WHEN: Wednesday, Nov. 1, 7 p.m. Media Availability: At the conclusion of Q & A WHERE: The New Hampshire Institute of […]

Dems Wuv Illegals

From Newswire: "Today, the wheels are officially in motion for construction of the physical barriers and infrastructure along the border. The Secure Fence Act helps secure our border by increasing the physical barriers and by providing state of the art monitoring technology. "House Republicans are responding to this current crisis and my colleagues and I […]

Ready To Vote GOP Yet?

Pelosi: We Need A Plan

To continue the Surrender Monkey theme, let's look at Nancy Pelosi: "In his news conference yesterday, President Bush assured the American people that we are winning the war in Iraq. The President should share the benchmarks that he uses to define 'winning.' Surely they do not include the rapidly increasing U.S. casualty figures, suggestions that […]

Durham DA Nifong: No Contact With Accuser

For those of you who have followed the Duke Lacrosse rape case, how special is this? Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong handed over more evidence to defense attorneys Friday. He also said in court that he has not talked to the alleged victim in detail about the Duke lacrosse rape case. Attorneys for the accused […]

TrackBack Friday, Featuring The DNC Surrender Monkey! 10/27/06

This is a slight repeat of last weeks Surrender Monkey Friday post, with a more generic "could be anyone" siloutte: It's that time of the week again! Do you have an interesting post you want to share with everyone? The official Surrender Monkey of the Democratic Party says to do what the Lefties don’t, since they all […]

Changing The Debate On Stem Cells

Right now, those who support embryonic stem cell research, generally, those on the Left, are attempting to change the debate, just like they attempted with illegal immigration. When the debate on illegal immigration boiled over, those who supported illegal immigration/opposed President Bush attempted to changed the debate to one encompasing all immigration. Now, they attempt […]

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