Daily Archives: October 26, 2006

Changing The Debate On Stem Cells

Right now, those who support embryonic stem cell research, generally, those on the Left, are attempting to change the debate, just like they attempted with illegal immigration. When the debate on illegal immigration boiled over, those who supported illegal immigration/opposed President Bush attempted to changed the debate to one encompasing all immigration. Now, they attempt […]

Midday Linkfest: Who You Voting For, NC?

  If you live in North Carolina, here is a guide to the candidates running. Read, understand, and make the Right choice. For NC-13, and the choice between incumbent Brad Miller (D) and challenger Vernon Robinson, here's a good way of seeing what Miller is all about. Do you have an interesting post? Well, go […]

Hastert On Illegals: Dems Love Them!

Denny Hastert spoke yesterday on President Bush and his signing of the fence bill today. "Our borders constitute the first line of defense in protecting the American people from terrorists. Last July I met with border security agents and other federal and local officials during my visit to the border, and I promised them we […]

Stop The ACLU Blogburst: Anti Christian Liberals Union

From Stop The ACLU Liberals always act shocked and astonished that conservatives believe that an organization claiming to be the guardian of religious liberty is actually America’s number one religious censor. They will spout off token cases where the ACLU veered from its normal path of hostility toward Christian religious expression to defend free speech. […]

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